Canbank Computer Services Limited (CCSL)is a software services and products firm that provides cutting edge solutions combining great domain strengths, certified project processes and a predominant focus on customer satisfaction. Promoted by a consortium of large banks lead by Canara Bank, CCSL blends the latest of technology with the traditional trust banks command
A strong product portfolio gives our customers the robustness they seek for mission critical applications in banking. With various successful implementations, our products offer a rapid and reliable way to derive competitive advantage
Started in 1994 with an objective to provide reliable IT solutions for the financial services industry, CCSL has grown to extend its focus on other areas like e-Governance. Large capital base and excellent customer retention makes CCSL one of the financially strong companies in the IT industry.
CCSL - The Vision
CCSL has a two fold vision for the future:
1) To be a world-class organization in its chosen area with which customers would proudly associate
2) To be known as a center of excellence that will attract the best talent in the industry
We will realize this vision by building a learning organization that is always ready to anticipate and adapt to changes in the domain and technologies of choice.
CCSL - The Mission
CCSL will provide world class, integrated IT solutions conforming to the best business practices to the banking and financial services sectors.
So, if you would like to "bank on bankers" for your next IT initiative, you can get in touch with us at
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