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Software & Development & Maintenance

Software & Development & Maintenance

Staff Accountability Software

The Staff accountability software for I R Section is to monitor and follow up the Staff Accountability exercise in respect of NPA accounts. Any loan account where the overdue is beyond 90 days is categorized as Non-Performing Asset. The details of such accounts is carried forward from the Core Banking System to the package wherein the Staff Accountability exercise is carried out at various levels..


Risk Based Internal Audit (RBIA) is expected to be an aid to the ongoing risk management in banks by providing the necessary checks and balances in the system. DARPAN software is developed based on RBIA concept and it incorporates recommendations of Besant Seth Committee. DARPAN encapsulates various modules like Branch Inspection, Application Software Audit, Circle Office Audit, Regional Office Audit, Concurrent Audit and Quarterly Income Audit.

Depositors Education Awareness Fund

As per the RBI directive, the funds in the customers’ accounts where no operation has been initiated by the customers for last 10 years and above must be transferred to Reserve Bank of India. The funds are transferred on monthly basis to RBI. Also, repatriation of funds back to the customer is made possible, through the Branch whenever there is a claim from the customer. As envisaged by RBI, accounts are classified as Interest Bearing accounts, Non-Interest-Bearing Accounts, Other Credits Transferred depending on whether the Interest is loaded to the account or not. Interest is paid by RBI for DEAF Interest-Bearing accounts up to the date of claim from the depositor.

Fixed Assets Management System

Fixed Assets Management System (FAMS) is a web based software developed using ASP.NET and C#.NET. The software handles various transactions related to purchases, sales and transfers of various asset items of Furniture & Fixtures and Land & Buildings. The depreciation is calculated by the system on a quarterly basis. Reports are generated both in Excel and PDF formats. It is having 2 modules namely, Furniture & Fixtures module and Land & Buildings module.

Vigilance Information System

Software is having capabilities to handle various functionalities as follows: Complaints,Scrutiny of Staff Accountability,Special Reports during RBIA,Vigilance Screening Committee, First Stage Advise,Second Stage Advise,CBI Enquiry. In each Module, there are various processes and procedures involved. The Software is able to provide end-to-end solution to the above modules. The Software facilitates Data Entry Screens to capture details, Each stage is tracked and the status is maintained.Based on the status, further action to be performed. system Alerts users to perform the actions based on the events/Status.Software has facility for uploading the scanned copy of documents.Generation of letters through the system.

Premises Data Management System

PDMS basically handles various functionalities of General and Administration Wing related to “Short Leased”, “Long Leased” and “Own” properties of the bank. This includes fixing/renewal/shifting to alternate premises of Branches, Administrative Units, Currency Chests, Service Units, ATMs, Godowns, and Residential Quarters etc. This software has been developed in C#.net technology and Oracle 11g database.

Printing and Stationery Inventory Management System

PSIMS is a web enabled comprehensive application to facilitate purchase and supply of various stationery and security items required for the day to day functioning of the Branches/Offices of the Bank. System maintains stock quantity and value of stock for various items at various levels. Provision is made in the application for raising requests from Branches to concerned P&S Sections/Head Office and supply from P&S Sections/Head Office back to Branches.

Vehicle Information Management System

VIMS helps to monitor the vehicles owned/ leased by the organization. It enables the organization to maintain the database of the vehicles under each office. The software helps the organization to monitor the various aspects of the vehicles like the Maintenance details, Trip details, Tax details, Insurance details, POL consumption.